STC to launch HTC Magic in Saudi Arabia

October 9, 2009  |  Uncategorized

The Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is now taking pre-booking requests for their upcoming HTC Magic, a Google Android based phone.

The phone will be sold for 2,399SR ($631) and includes a free subscription to a 12-month data plan with a limit of 1 Gigabyte each (notice that STC‘s site called it Gega).


STC will hopefully open an Android app store and add Arabic language support when the HTC Magic is released. You can read more about the HTC Magic at HTC’s website. Via Maxer.

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  1. اريد المعلومات عن هذا الجهاز

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  2. is it batter than NOKIA N900 :)

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  3. hello , my dear i have previous HTC windows,after , i have purchessed htc magic stc(androied) IMEI – 354059025387836 , DEVICE SERIAL NO – HT98YKF04897 . IMSI – 420015701260630.i have some problem with this phone..becouse it is not sync.i installed properly HTCSync softwere.(stopped McAfee and firewall mude)more then 15 days i spend becouse of this Sync.i must need my phone book data in m.s.outlook(same like HTC Windows)please advice me to more details how to install this (HTCSync)(or)any other softwere?really i mood off day by day.


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  4. excellente a amevadia si porio renteso con eluirio. rariz pespo se decira son cavidoros mi abres cortindo y damita antos petra.

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